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how to choose right massage table

Pick the Right Massage Table

Massage Table for personal & professional use

Akriti Massage Table

  • Best selling portable massage table for personal & professional use.
  • Standard width 28”.
  • 40 Density soft foam cushioning.
  • Solid rubber wood panels on both ends make it suitable for general massage & deep tissue massage.

Delux Akriti Massage Table

  • Luxury portable massage table for personal & professional use.
  • Delux Akriti is 30” wide.
  • Visco elastic Memory Foam cushion.
  • Solid rubber wood panels on both ends make it suitable for general massage & deep tissue massage.
  • Premium soft to touch leatherette used in this table.
  • Option to attach face cradle on both ends of the table.

For Reiki, Healing & Massage Treatments

Soumaya Massage Table

  • Best suited for Reiki & Healing Therapies.
  • Reiki panels at both ends of the table.
  • 30” wide, wider than normal massage tables that are 28” wide.
  • Detachable armrests.
  • Good option if you want multipurpose table that can be used for Reiki & general Massage purpose.
  • 40 Density soft foam cushioning.

Massage Table & Chair for Physiotherapists

Asmit Massage Table

  • Specially designed for physiotherapists & sports massage therapists.
  • The backrest can be inclined upto 45-55 degrees.
  • Solid rubber wood panels on both ends make it suitable for deep tissue & sports massage.
  • Dual options of adjustable face cradle and face hole cutting in the table with face hole plug.
  • Backrest incline mechanism from Hettich Germany.
  • The face cradle can be attached on both sides of the table.

Neck & Back Massage Chair

  • Most suitable for Neck & Shoulder Massage.
  • Unique design allows easy access to client’s lower back.
  • Portable and occupies less space.
  • Easy adjustments, durable and extremely comfortable chair for neck and back massage.

Massage Table for Prenatal Massage

Sparsh Pre Natal Massage Table

  • Rigid Steam Beech hardwood construction.
  • 4” multilayer foam padding with 2.5” of Memory Foam padding.
  • Dual knobs on each leg for added safety & strength.
  • Rounded corner design.
  • Soft, durable, high quality leatherette upholstery that is easy to clean.
  • Reiki panels at both ends – suitable to sit and work at either end of the table.
  • Detachable contoured Memory Foam face cradle.
  • Specially designed to areas for expectant mothers.

Why buy a massage table

Massage Therapy is becoming popular day by day as number of people want to take massage to get relief from postural stress and rejuvenate their bodies. Massage is no longer restricted to Hotels, Ayurveda Centres or Day Spas. Lot of people have engaged massage therapists to provide them good massage in the privacy and comfort of their homes. We at Esthetica believe in the power of human touch to heal the stressed out bodies. A good massage session not only requires a trained Massage Therapist but an ergonomically designed massage table, accessories and equipment. Our Portable Massage Tables are designed to give maximum comfort to the client by using soft and supple foam cushion, crafted from German Steam Beech wood and upholstered to perfection in variety of leatherette colors to choose from. We recommend our massage tables for professional and personal use as they are strongly built, modern design, functional and easy to set up.

Difference between a Stationary & Portable Massage Table

Stationary Massage Tables are solidwood in design and are best suited for day spas or if you have a dedicated spa room in your house. These tables are stronger & have higher weight taking capacity. Folding Massage Tables on the other hand are popular as they are much cheaper in price so good intial investment for you , folding design makes them easy to store in your house or apartment when they are not in use, easy to carry and set up for massage. A good portable model will weigh less than 30 lbs and the frame can either be made of hardwood or metal. The table must offer ease and convenience in setting up and breaking down and it must be designed for strength and especially stability in all situations.

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