Towel Cooler & Warmer


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Towel Cooler and Warmer has dual functions of heating or cooling wet towels under different environment temperature. Accurate temperature control, anti-deformation structure to keep the towels warm or cool. Within 5 minutes of time, you can change between Cool & Warm functions. Cooling temperature is lower than environment 5°C ~ 20° C whereas it can go up to 60°C with the warm function. Since this equipment is fitted with air intake vent and air outlet, it is advisable to keep it in an area that has proper ventilation. Power consumption is 200W and it operates on 220V AC. Heating temprature regulation is done through a bi metallic strip thermostat and the it is fitted with a temprature fuse as a safety mechanism.


L 45 x W 27 x H 55 cm